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Thursday, November 02, 2006

so non-bespectacled hottie is not my only new categorization.

unemployed joins the ranks, as well.

as of yesterday, i am no longer with job.

yep, i was laid off... which apparently seems to be in the air as
jake and byron have been through similar situations recently, too.

i will not go over the details of my discharge (probably not the first time i've said those words, but certainly in this context), but i will note that it was effective immediately with pay through the next few weeks.

so while i am not all poor and destitute yet, i am watching it swiftly approach from the horizon.

the job hunt begins.

and uh, i am posting this publicly for a reason.
if you can help a brother out, please do so!

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

i had gotten some questions about what i look like without glasses...

yeah, i don't know why people want to know these things either.

but they do, and what kind of blogger would i be if i didn't indulge my readers' crazy needs...

alas, i decided to do them one better and let someone else tell them what (or rather who) i look like without glasses:

uh, so basically, i'm a hottie.

don't say i never warned you.

you heard it here first.
i'm hot!

oh, and i'm really like noble and self-sacrificing and like non-confrontational or something.
hooray for gandhi!

i was sad to see that anne frank didn't make the cut this time.
very sad.

this is almost as frustrating as the real thing!

happy halloween, kids!

Monday, October 30, 2006

it is breezy and in the upper 60s in chicago today.

so i ate lunch outside on a hot little date with myself.

snapped some shots to share with ch'all.

happy monday!

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

this is something i don't normally do.

(and, no, i'm not talking about posting on a regular basis, you jackass)

no, it is not in my usual nature to do such a thing.

yes, it is so very unlike me.

i am going to recommend some tunes to ch'all.

*shock* *awe*

so the album i think all y'all need to be listening to is:


11:11 by maria taylor

while it was released in may 2005, i only recently uncovered this gem. maria used to be a part of azure ray, so if you're a fan of theirs then you simply must run on over to your music outlet of choice and pick up 11:11. the album is tight and well-produced. maria's voice lilts and floats from one song to the next... never strained, never trying too hard, always exactly where it needs to be. the lyrics are heady but light, telling stories that never present themselves in any immediate fashion.

songs of note (though all 10 are lovely and wonderful):
two of those too
one for the shareholder
xanax (hellooooo, a song called xanax... what's not to love?)

it is all what my mother would call "college music", and yes, my mother does steal vocabulary from beavis & butthead. however, mopey-mellowness aside, it is a wonderful album.

check it out!

Monday, October 23, 2006

it quickly approaches.

the most magical evening of the year.

halloween... it cometh (all over your face).

i'm sure i've mentioned it before, but it bears repeating that halloween is probably my favorite holiday of the year. costumes. scary movies. and most importantly, free food. yes, i count candy as a worthy meal.

this year, i am attending a costume party, and am so incredibly excited about my (less-than-original) costume. yes, while i have for many years been recognized for my ability to create original and intriguing costumes on a shoestring budget and with minimal supplies, this year i cheated.

while halloween's past have been marked with nights as slutty dorothy of oz or slutty superman or slutty snoopy (i shit you not... and all three costumes were but one part of larger group costumes), this year i let slutty fall by the wayside and went with that tried and true costume method followed by sorority girls the world 'round - sexy ____.

i am just as ashamed as you, but beyond my shame, there lies sheer excitement... for this year, i am being:

okay, well not exactly. i'm being that only with quite a bit more grease and quite a bit less high-heel action. i'm still debating the stalkings.

for you see, i am being a sexy mechanic.

and effectively becoming the most blue collar i have ever been in my entire life.

i've got grease, a "wife beater" tank top, a tool belt, and most importantly, a mechanic's jumpsuit that fits me like a glove/a second skin/it was painted on.

the excitement is palpable... and that night, let's hope it's also visible.

10-4 my good buddies.

much love,

Thursday, October 19, 2006

it's now like the third week of october, which means...

my television schedule is all worked out.

and for the first time in a long, long time... it's effing full.

let's take a look, shall we:


7:00 - cbs- how i met your mother
7:30 - cbs - the class
8:00 - nbc - heroes (duh)
----> 8:30 - cbs - the new adventures of old christine (a la dvr)
9:00 - nbc - studio 60 on the sunset strip


7:00 - cw - the gilmore girls
8:00 - cw - veronica mars
9:00 - fx - nip/tuck


7:00 - cw - america's next top model (duh)
8:00 - abc - lost
9:00 - abc - the nine
-----> 9:00 - bravo - project runway (though this is no longer... yay, jeffrey!)


7:00 - NOTHING
8:00 - abc - grey's anatomy (duh)
9:00 - NOTHING


7:00 - NOTHING
8:00 - abc - men in trees
9:00 - NOTHING


10:35 - nbc - saturday night live (a la dvr)


7:00 - NOTHING
8:00 - NOTHING
9:00 - abc - brothers & sisters (duh)

how in the hell did monday become my favorite night for television?

Friday, October 13, 2006

i sometimes hate the things i realize.

earlier this week, it hit me that i have cried more often (and shamelessly so) in the last 2 years than i probably did in the 22 years prior combined.

in the sixth grade, i went through a moody phase, during which i would sometimes just start uncontrollably crying... sobbing really. i remember my mother being speechless because she had not seen me cry since i was a very wee child. she said even as a baby i was, on the whole, quiet. i never cried.

until now. these past 2 years have ruined my streak. i have cried a lot in the last 2 years. i. mean. a. lot.

in a stranger's house. in a bar. in a car. in another bar. in the street. in probably yet another bar (just guessing). in the bushes outside an apartment. in a stairwell. in a women's bathroom. in a restaurant. in a coffeeshop. in a movie theater. in my underwear. in the shower.

and the list goes on and on...

seriously?!? seriously.

what the fuck is up with the tears?

i thought part of growing up was crying less often. i guess i was mistaken.

...or is it that i've lost control of my emotions? i used to have such a grip on them, but now, it seems, i am just a vehicle for their outbursts.

i just don't understand it.

i was never a crybaby... until i grew up.

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